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For just €1 per Line per draw, you can join in the fun and support our great Irish charities. Simply play your lucky numbers or just click ‘Choose your numbers’ to select your own numbers. You can play up to 6 Lines at a cost of €1 per Line per draw. Select the number of draws you want to enter and Click on ‘Proceed to payment’. The Jackpot prize will be shared by all Jackpot winning Lines entered during any given Fair Play To You Series.

We greatly appreciate your contributions but play responsibly. Do not contribute more than you can afford.

Fair Play To You provides funds for CRC, Rehab Group and special charitable projects.


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    Sales close from precisely 7:30pm (19:30) to 9:00pm (21:00) on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

    During this interval you will not be able to purchase Lines in any Fair Play To You draws.

    You can still Sign up and check results during the draw break interval.

    Draw re-opens at 21:00

Monthly recurring payment of €9 per Line to enter all draws:


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