How does the game work?

3 numbers - 3 Draws – 3 ways to win

In Fair Play To You, each Contributor selects or is allocated a 3-number combination (Line).

Each Line is randomly selected and consists of 3 numbers from the range 1 – 47, inclusive.

The Contributor enters his/her Line(s) into a Draw(s) by paying €1 per Line per Draw or €9 per month for 9 draws.

There are 3 ways to win:

1) If YOUR Line matches in any order the 3 Bonus numbers drawn in Lotto, Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 in the relevant Draw, You win or share the Jackpot prize of up to €25,000.

2) If YOUR Line contains 2 of the winning 3 Bonus Numbers in any order, You win a Near Miss prize of €9.

3) If YOUR Line is randomly selected as a Wild Card winner from all the Lines entered during a Fair Play To You Series, You win a Wild Card prize of €100. There will be at least one Wild Card Prize in every Fair Play To You Series.

A Fair Play To You Series consists of all of the Lotto, Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 Draws held during a given calendar month. The Jackpot prize will be shared by all Jackpot winning Lines entered during any given Fair Play To You Series.

Where do the profits from Fair Play To You go?

The Care Trust is a not-for-profit Registered Charity in Ireland and all lottery proceeds per the Gaming and Lotteries (Amendment) Act 2019 go to support our great Beneficiaries, CRC, Rehab Group and special charitable projects. Under legislation, we give 60% to our Beneficiaries. This compares favourably with The National Lottery, which returns 30% to Beneficiaries.

What are my odds of winning a prize?

The approximate odds of winning for one Line entered are:

Per Draw Per Month (9 Draws)
Jackpot prize better than 1 in: 17,304 1,923
Near Miss prize (€9) better than 1 in: 129 15
Wild Card prize (€100) better than 1 in: 9,000 1,000
Any cash prize better than 1 in: 126 14